Sorcery is prominent in the Defy series, and several characters in the novels possess it. Several types of sorcery has appeared in the novels including the use of Black sorcery. But other, lesser types are known. Damian, prince of Antion and later King, possesses the power of sorcery. Sorcerers can also detect the magic in other sorcerers, if they are within range.

  Known Type Names: 

  • Black- Black sorcery is the darkest and most feared type of sorcery known. Black sorcerers are known to make sacrifices to demons to keep their power in the mortal world. Although hated and feared in both Blevon and Antion, Dansii uses them without a second thought. 
  • Healing- Ability to heal wounds with magic. The worse the injury the harder the sorcerer must concentrate, the longer it takes and more energy is needed. 


  • Magic Sense
  • Force-field generation
  • Magic Combat/ magic attacks
  • Limited Creation (i.e. choking grasp) 

  Characters that wield this magic include:

  • Eljin- a highly skilled sorcerer that can not only "cloak" his targets with his magic, but can produce shields and hits with his magic. 
  • Damian- although he has not used his sorcery quite as much as Eljin and other sorcerers, there is still an understanding to his power. His seems to be very similar to that of Eljin's power. 
  • Iker- a feared, black sorcerer, he is deadly if angered. Not much can stop a black sorcerer because of the power they wield. 
  • Lisbet- A sorceress that specializes in the art of Healing magic. 
  • Damian's Mother/ Queen of Antion- Although her power is not known, it is assumed that it is similar to that of Damian's.


  • Alex/Alexa- A incredibly skilled swords-woman, she is the echo of her father's once prime "fighting" sorcery. 
  • Vera- A beautiful woman from Dansii, her eyes can pierce the toughest of soldiers. She, along with her brother, Rafe, have the power to control anyone with a look and a few words. Once the command is given to her victims, their eyes become "empty" and they immediately began to partake in their command.Vera's power is not known, and is not sorcery due to both Damian and Eljin failing to sense magic within her. 
  • Rafe- Rafe is Vera's brother, if not twin brother. He shares the same power with his sister Vera. He displayed the power of giving less specific commands, causing the victim to sometimes stay aware of themselves, yet flashing back to empty eyes and determination to fulfill their commands. It is unknown, but assumed that Vera can do the same. 
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