"Alexa startles the macaws" fan art by Montana Sky Morgan.


Alexa Hollen marries Damian King Armando (Damian’s uncle) sends a delegation from Dansii along with Lady Vera (who is the most beautiful girl ever and sends Alexa into a jealous rage). Luckily Damian doesn’t trust her pretty words and innocent act and has her watched at all times.Then, a small squadron from Blevon arrive. Damian, thinking they come in peace, lets them in; however the soldiers are cursed and attack the King. The Guard manages to kill the soldiers. Deron (the captain) is wounded but everyone else survives.Word comes from General Ferraun that a border village has been attacked by a black sorcerer and a group of Blevonese soldiers. The attack seems similar to the attack that killed Alexa’s parents all those years ago.During the welcoming dinner for Lady Vera, she is almost poisoned but saved in time; her food taster however dies though his body has mysteriously disappeared.Damian and Alexa have a moment and it’s clear they still have feelings for each other.Jax (Damian’s half-brother) is kidnapped. A ransom note is found. It was written in Blevonese. Damian thinks someone is trying to frame Blevon for kidnapping Jax to cause another war. The ransom demand? They want Alexa.During a vulnerable moment, Damian and Alexa finally kiss again. But Alexa stops it going further as she still finds herself unfit to be queen.The next day, Alexa and Rylan set out into the jungle. They find tracks left by Jax’s abductors. Alexa goes back to find Damian to ask permission to follow the trail but stumbles upon Damian and Lady Vera, kissing passionately in the gardens.Heartbroken, Alexa goes back with Rylan into the jungle to look for Jax. They find him. His abductors are clearly not from Blevon but from Dansii.Rylan goes back to the palace to get back up. Alexa stays behind to keep watch.The leader of the abductors is the not-so-dead-anymore food taster from before a.k.a. Lady Vera’s twin brother Rafe. Alexa overhears their plan and comes to the conclusion that Rafe has a special ability to command and control others. Rafe reveals that Lady Vera also has this power and has manipulated Damian into falling for her. Alexa decides to head back to the palace to warn everybody, save Damian, and come back for Jax when the time is right. She is ambushed by Rafe’s men but kills them all. However Rafe finds her and she makes a deal with him: she promises to give herself over to him in exchange for Jax’s life without harm coming to Rafe or his sister Lady Vera. If she fails to uphold her end of the bargain, Rafe will command little Jax to kill himself. When she arrives at the palace it’s clear that Lady Vera already has many men under her control and Alexa is forced to fight and kill her own people. One of them stabs her in the back and leaves a deep wound. She is saved by Tanoori and the women from the breeding house.Tanoori brings her to Eljin and Lisbet who went into hiding. Lisbet manages to somewhat heal Alexa.Eljin shows her a secret door so she can get to Damian’s outer chamber, but once she arrives there she finds Vera with him. Vera controls Eljin and commands him to kill Alexa. Alexa manages to get passed Eljin’s shield and wounds him greatly.Vera then commands Damian to murder Alexa. Alexa tries to shake Vera’s power by telling Damian she loves him. At the last moment, Damian overcomes Vera’s control and kills her instead.Damian gets Lisbet to heal Eljin. He’ll live.Alexa spills everything to Damian. They reconnect. Damian proposes to her and Alexa accepts to be his queen.Another village is attacked by a black sorcerer. Only one man is left alive to deliver a message: a declaration of war from Blevon.Alexa interrogates a man named Manu de Reich os Deos, a prisoner from Lady Vera’s delegation from Dansii. He shows her a terrible vision of Damian dying, saying that loving Damian will be her downfall. He delivers the threat that Alexa will die as well as soon as King Armando wishes it.

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