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Alexa was born in one of the 3 main kingdoms called Antion which is ruled my the terrible King Hector. When she was young she was taught to fight by her father alongside her twin brother Marcel. One day a black sorcerer burns her town down killing both her parents. To prevent her from being sent to the breeding house her brother cuts her hair short. This leads to her having to keep up the facade that she’s a boy called Alex so that she can survive as a soldier.

Fast forward many years, Alexa is now apart of Prince Damian's guard, she is known to be the best fighter. And has special abilities to defeat sorcerers. In the first book a couple of people including King Damian think her father was a sorcerer [including some hints he left her].


skin: tan

eyes: hazel

hair: dark brown

notifiable features: scar down her cheek (end of book 1 ‘Defy’ onwards)

Romantic Interests[]

Rylan: a former crush

Prince Damian: her lover at first, then fiancee, then her husband